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Hot exotic flavors and smells of this variety that has been bred after a number of attempts to stabilize this lemon skunk haze strain will be most appreciated by haze lovers. It tastes like if you ate pedaso lemon and will melt you immediately under the sun, where you like to be in your moments of leisure. Very easy to grow variety and forgiving for any faults of inexperienced growers. Good daytime remedy. Effects: Very motivating, euphoric, very good for socializing. Ratio: Lowryder – Indica – Sativa%: 15 – 00-75
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Lemon Haze Auto Regular will delight those who love pure sativa strains but who are also not prepared to have to wait months for it to finish its flowering phase. It is a Lemon Skunk Haze strain that took quite a long time for it to become a stabilised strain with reliability although the resulting plant was certainly worthwhile.

Lemon Haze is very easy to grow and is forgiving of beginner’s mistakes. It can grow as high as 120 cm. tall and is ready to harvest at 65 – 85 days from germination. The yield per plant is between 30 – 70 gr. The aroma of this plant and its dried buds is of lemon drops. The THC level is 17% with a lowly 0.1% CBD, indicating that this is an uplifting, motivational cannabis strain that is euphoric and excellent for social events such as parties. Therapeutically it is a very good day-time medicine that will lift low moods.

BREEDER Flash Seeds
GENETICS Lemon Skunk x Haze x Lowryder
VARIETY Mostly Sativa
FLOWERING TYPE Autoflowering
SEX Regular
YIELD 30- 70 gr/plant
PLANT HEIGHT 50 – 120 cm
GROWS Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
FLOWERING TIME 65 to 85 days from seed
TASTE / FLAVOUR Lemon, Sweet
EFFECT Energetic, Euphoric, Uplifting

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